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The Fresh Tee


Limited Edition "It's Good to Be a DreaMEr" " T-shirts conceptualized by 插班生 The Freshman and designed by Vanessa Ban for their sold-out concert at Esplanade in March 2013.

It's important to have dreams,
It's good to be a dreamer,
But more importantly...
It's Good to Me!

Keep your dreams alive by being you :)

Tried and tested good quality cotton T-shirts that won't go out of shape easily.


X= 66cm / 26in
Y= 46cm / 18in
Z= 33cm / 13in

X= 70cm / 27½in
Y= 50cm / 19½in
Z= 35cm / 13½in

X= 74cm / 29in
Y= 51½cm / 20in
Z= 37½cm / 15in

X= 75½cm / 29½in
Y= 54cm / 21½in
Z= 39cm / 15½in